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Indian Defence NewsThere is a building at the entrance on the Military area in Mumbai, called ‘Adarsh’. One cannot help seeing it, since it rises 31 story’s in the sky. One could perhaps ignore it, as well as the idea that this building was designed for widows of martyrs who dies during the Kargil War. It was also said to be a 7 storey by so that it is a 31 story building all coastal zone regulations was flouted.

This was anathema towards the politicians of West Pakistan led by ZA Bhutto who advocated that this results be scrapped.Unable to decide as well as in face of the civil disobedience movement in East Pakistan Yahiya on being egged by Bhutto ordered a crack down on the Awami league and East Pakistan politicians. Shiekh Mujibar was arrested and taken to West Pakistan and also the Pakistan army inside the fond belief that Bengalis are cowards mounted a major assault around the leadership of the East Pakistan political parties.

There was also the factor of Subhas Chandra Bose who attempted to rouse the Indian pow’s by forming the Azad Hind fauj. It is a tribute to the loyalty of the Indian troops that more often than not they remained loyal to the British. This is the hall mark of a soldier: Loyalty and yes it was displayed in ample measure through the British Indian Army.

The British shipped Indian troops from India to crush the boxer rebellion. The Indian regiments made their method to the foreign quarter in hand at hand fighting on Aug 04, 1900. Some troops widely used the Imperial sewage canals to arrive at the foreign quarter. The siege was lifted with the Indian relief force that numbered 3000 soldiers, composed mainly with the Sikh and Punjab regiments. After the lifting of the siege Indian troops were also utilized to guard the churches and foreign missionaries have been the main target in the Boxer uprising. By all accounts the Punjab and Sikh soldiers acquitted themselves honorably of these battles and duties. The British Indian army also looted a large bell from Peking’s Temple of Heaven and took it to India. The same bell was returned by the Indian army to China in 1994.

Come 1965 and also the second Indo Pak war came about, accompanied by the 1971 war that led to the vivisection of Pakistan. In the erstwhile state of East Pakistan some 93000 Pakistan soldiers surrendered and Gen Niazi signed the instrument of surrender. In the west the battle was obviously a stalemate and each party took some numerous prisoners. The cease fire and exchange of prisoners happened-but the Pakistan army never returned a few of the prisoners. Now 4 decades have elapsed and Pakistan still holds many of the Indian soldiers and Airmen within their jails. There have been letters smuggled right out of the jails and the relatives with the missing soldiers are sure that the POW remains languishing in Pakistan. General Mushraff the President of Pakistan was approached. An appeal was made to his honor like a soldier. But the official denial continues for can a nation admit which it keeps POWs for upwards of 4 decades in the event the war is finished? The officer corps from the Pakistan Army provides extensive explanation to accomplish with this act.

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